Yoga with guide

Consciously take time for yourself - gather new strength, concentrate on the HERE and NOW. We bring body, mind and soul into harmony. Not only yoga & meditation awaits you in a breathtaking landscape with an indescribable view.

in summer in the pure nature

Yoga in the mountains


We offer you an active break with exercise, hiking, chilling out and culinary delights. Whether individual, personal yoga unit or yoga packages for groups and companies, we are happy to help you plan a program tailored to your needs during your stay.


You need: Comfortable sportswear, motivation & joy of movement
What we provide for you: yoga mat, yoga block & yoga bands, drinking bottles, fresh mountain air & chilled atmosphere


From the Rüfikopf to the Yoga place

We take the hiking bus from Zürs to Lech, where we can enjoy the panorama of the entire Arlberg area after a 10-minute cable car ride with the Rüfikopf cable car. From the mountain station we hike to Lake Monzabon with an impressive scenic view. Then we continue downhill in the direction of Zürs, where a small snack and refreshing smoothies await us in the great outdoors, surrounded by lush flower meadows.
Finally, we go there on the yoga mat and let the experience end with gentle, mindful movements and conscious breathing. We stretch the stressed muscle groups and bring body and mind to rest.


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Yoga in the mountains